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We are conveniently located just North of Seattle, Washington, near the historic village of Snohomish.

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Taste the sweet crispness of apples grown in the cool Cascadian foothills. Fruits are tree ripened for freshness and flavor! Our boutique orchard of over 1900 trees has a selection of 170 choice apple varieties that Gil Schieber has carefully selected from around the globe. These include a menagerie of colors and flavors, heritage and modern. We pick apples from Early August to the end of November. Other tree fruits include Pear, Serviceberry, Nashi, Sweet Cherry, Quince, Shipova, and Hawthorne

We also grow a diverse selection of berries, and nuts for all seasons, including Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Huckleberry, Marionberry, Loganberries, Tayberry, Blackberries, Table Grapes, Aronia/Chokeberry, Elderberry, Black Currant, Red Currant, Gooseberry, Jostaberry,  Kiwi, Goumi, Autumn Olive, Cranberry, Hazelnut,  and Chestnuts.  And we are proud to offer many of the above through our nursery, classes, and exchanges.

Though we are not certified organic, we follow current organic best practices by integrating nectary plantings, building our own compost and compost teas and including animals into our agricultural systems to reduce pest pressure. We also use mulching-enhancing the soil flora and suppressing the weed pressure.

Soil and fertility management are key to not only healthy plants and environment, but for healthy vibrant people. We take fertilization very seriously and carefully choose mineral sources that have least impact and the most locally sourced whenever possible. We also recycle on-farm fertility by working with animals to recapture minerals, composting and worm-wrangling, using plants that “bio-accumulate” nutrients over time, and recapturing clean bio-resources from local communities – like vegetable scraps, sawdust, and leaves.

Seeds are humanities’ collective heritage bequeathed to us to steward for future generations. In the last 200 years, we have lost approximately 90% of all agricultural varieties that have ever existed. Providing a year-around diverse diet means sourcing, preserving, trialing, adapting and breeding plant varieties and species from around the world. Some of these are common fruits and vegetables, some are obscure or rare vegetables that are worthy of better recognition.

We have a broad selection of plants available in our nursery well-priced for both the farmer and the backyard grower or homeowner.

Skipley Farm was founded by Gil Schieber in 2008. A transplant 30 years ago from Pennsylvania where he trained in all aspects of horticulture and has since been involved in Seattle Tilth introducing many unique and special plants to the Pacific NW. 

Come join us for monthly events where we have small seasonal gatherings, planting, tending, harvesting, tasting, laughing, and loving life. Crisp mountain air and good tilth brings out some of the best in Pacific NW country fruit and vegetables. If you seek good food offered fresh each week, then please consider our awesome year-long CSA or come out and visit us>>we’ll put you to work if it’s a Monday!

Skipley Farm

7228 Skipley Rd

Snohomish, Wa 98290